Jumping Castle

Years past, one could only find a jumping castle hire at special events like the fun fair. Occasionally, you could also find one at kids’ party, but that would be a rare treat. However, in recent times, ball pools and inflatable bouncy castles are now available in homes – some in the garden while others may even be inside the house.

Definitely, bouncy castle designed for homes are usually made smaller, since fewer kids are likely to play on them at once. Also, where the standard bouncy castle usually comes in one or two motors which constantly pumps air into the inflatable castle, the home sized can be manually pumped by either an electric pump or a small foot pump, then the valve is locked retaining air in it just like a balloon. It is built to accommodate more children, and various designs and patterns are available.

Different themes like Disney films, Barbie, or destinations like Desert Island, underwater or the army are available. Typically, these bouncy castles have a big bouncy base with barriers and protective walls around the sides but may not have a roof. Unlike the professional bouncy castles, these castles are basically designed for simple jumping, playing or rolling and not to serve as trampolines for kids to see how high they can jump.

If you are considering purchasing one for outdoor, ensure you get a thick groundsheet. This will help to avoid any possible puncture by sharp objects like stones. A protective layer will also be essential even if the castle will be placed on the grass.

The castle can make a great investment, and the top quality bigger ones could be a bit expensive. You must have the kid’s safety as a major priority; hence it is not ideal to place the bouncy castle close to the greenhouse.

While it is great and more economical to buy a unit for your kids instead of spending money every time there is a party, remember in the event of an accident, you will not be indemnified.  When hiring a castle, the price is inclusive of an insurance cover. However, you should be able to administer some safety cautions since the equipment is in your home and within your supervision.

To give the kids maximum fun, in addition to the inflatable bouncy castle, you may consider getting water slides, slides mazes, as well as games like soccer, sumo wrestling, gladiator style tournament – the options are innumerable. The fact is that most of these equipment hired for events can also be bought in smaller dimensions designed for home use.

The best part is that you would have succeeded in buying what will cause your kids to happily burn off huge energy while playing on them, and of course, a quiet night’s sleep is the result – every parent would consider this money well spent.